Friday, January 22, 2010


I am in a good place. Head space, locale, lifepoint. I certainly wax and wane. Energy ebbs and flows. But generally, I feel good.

I have been reading a good bit more than usual. Brittian loaned me Klosterman's latest offering...EATING THE DINOSAUR. And while I'm only 20 or so pages in, I am reminded that a great many of my feelings/hunches about the world are shared by more people than just me. I love books that remind me of this fact: I am not alone. Though the guy is a total ass, I really appreciate his perspective and meanderings. My sister lent me SEX, DRUGS, AND COCOA PUFFS a couple years back and I liked that as well. He reminded me a bit of Douglas Coupland, but more ass-ish.

I have also been listening to a book on CD (er, iPhone mp3)...THE HOUSE OF MONDAVI. It chronicles the immigrant family's arrival to the New World, it's trek across the US, finally arriving in California's Napa Valley. And from there, taking over Charles Krug, with Robert Mondavi eventually starting his own winery which would later be sold to Constellation (the largest wine corporation in the world, if I'm not mistaken).

I have been taking walks every other day or so through the neighborhood, rain or shine. I'll take in a good bit of the book each walk. Such a fantastic tale of deceit, success, ego, and family.

Holly bought the new book by Randall Grahm (of Bonny Doon fame). It's called BEEN DOON SO LONG. And while I feel like alot of their wine turned to shit (as he agrees, even as early on as in the introduction!), I have appreciated their iconoclastic approach to the wine industry, scoffing at Parker scores and pissing off wine writers left and right. They also have grown (and bought) unusual varieties of grapes, made ridiculous wines, and had some impressive labels.

Seems like Grahm had a sort of wake-up experience and is now planting a small biodynamic vineyard near Santa Cruz and going to be producing much smaller-batch artisan wine. Sounds good! His perspective–not just on winemaking, but life itself–is very inspiring and resonant. I am reminded that I really appreciate those that push into this journey called life, trying things on, trying things out, changing when we can, how we can. Really pushing into the fabric of existence.

I raise my glass (er, cup of joe this morning) to 2010 - The Year of The Book!

BTW - Thinking of mixing wine and coffee, the Mondavi family drank their morning coffee in the old Italian way...with a tablespoon of red wine added to each cup. Hmm. Doesn't sound quite right...especially if you throw creamer in as well!

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