Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catching Up

Does anyone else get a little depressed after reading a book (fiction, in particular)? The book is over, you put it down, filled with emotion. And then, in the days following, you find yourself a little low?

I do. I so seldom read fiction that I guess I really get hit by it.

Come to think of it, I felt the same way after the final episode of Six Feet Under.

Anyway, I just finished Children of God (Mary Doria Russell's follow-up book to The Sparrow...see previous post). I loved it. The two books a matched pair, vamping on similar themes. Different, all the same. Highly recommended reading for your 2010.

Now I continue with my prior reading list...finishing Tolle's A New Earth along with a slew of winemaking and wine industry books for pleasure. Oh, and to top that off, this year I've got textbooks. Yip, I'm back in school.

This quarter finds me taking Chem 104 and Intro to Viticulture (the growing of grapevines). In Spring, I'll continue with Chem 105 and Chemical Analysis of Must and Wine. It's fun to be back in school, but I am honestly a bit overwhelmed by the homework sometimes.

I continue to plot out what my future in wine could look like. Some great ideas being floated and this year looks promising. Stay tuned.

Oh, well, there's a baby crying...gotta get.

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