Sunday, January 17, 2010

New TCS Project for 2010?

I continue to work on new tunes here and there, attempting to find some traction for a sixth The Cobalt Season project. Lots going on in life, so it continues to be a sort of back burner project. But still I'm moving ahead, slowly. And I hope to have something to share this year.

I wrote this little ditty as a sort of preface to the album. Well, preface is overstating it a bit, but...

Bullshit prose!
Pedantic rants!
What will he do next?

Perhaps build an archetype?
And universally beloved

Or show us the world?
Free of Empire
As it should be
But might never

Perhaps He will amaze us with complexity?
Juxtapose criminals and saints
The history of G-d

Or perhaps he will sink low?
Drag us down with him
To the ground
Near hell
Nearer heaven
Nearer us/we/them
Nearer me

Always me
Always me

1 comment:

Jeramy Sossaman said...

good stuff ryan! can't wait to hear the new tunes. take care.