Monday, April 11, 2005

Bolton and the UN

Well, I think we would all agree that this is an interesting time in the history of the US and the UN... and I would at least make the leap in saying that this is a very critical time.

And somehow I seem to not approve of (m)any of Bush's decisions these days... and somehow this guy Bolton just doesn't seem like the best face to show the world government, you know?

I hesitate to put too much value on the UN, but I readily recognize that there is a great need for accountability and a sort of checks and balances in the world today... especially checks and balances on the Bush Administration's America.

Well, that's just my 30-seconds of thought on the matter. Barbara Boxer (who I voted for) had some pretty good points about Bolton's past record of being pretty anti-UN... and this is Mr. Bush's best choice for ambassador? Hmm.

An article for further reading.

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Jon said...

Unlike having the guy behind the "torture memo" at the helm of the Department of Justice; this is simply absurd instead of obscene.