Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Emma in Nepal

Emma is a cool girl that we met when we were out in Thailand this summer. She spends her days floating somewhere between Nepal, India, and Thailand as an agent of mercy and justice.

The last several weeks (perhaps months now) she has been in Nepal, befriending several street boys and trying to figure out ways to get them off the street and get them educated.

She is looking for some help in sponsoring these kids, and she is a person we wholeheartedly endorse. If you have any interest in making a direct impact with your funds, this is your chance. There is no overhead, just the kids' needs. Or heck, move out to Nepal and help take care of the boys... that's another possibility!

You can read more about it here on her blog. Here's a piece of what she wrote...

It takes a little less than $100 a month to house, feed, educate, tutor, clothe, and nurture my wild tikes. Multiply that times six and that quickly becomes more than I alone can handle. There is also one more boy I want to take in... but of course that's on hold until funding can be secured! Like I said before, I've never asked you to contribute to airfare or anything on a personal level regarding me, but now I am asking you to contribute directly to the kids. If you are interested in making a one time or monthly sponsorship, let me know. I always tease the boys saying, "I told you to stop begging, but now I must beg for you."

1 comment: said...

yay. i am flattered to make a whole blog. :)
you guys are cool. and the kids are still anxious to see you hopefully in the summer...?