Thursday, August 18, 2005

Not to leave you hanging...

...but the computer is still a bit on the fritz.

It took me being on the phone with Apple for 5 phone calls (with a total of 100 or so minutes of wait time), a trip to the Apple Retail Store, several phone calls back and forth with the company I bought extra RAM from, and several hours in front of the laptop.

As it turns out, my RAM had gone bad (no big because I have a lifetime guarantee), but it took days to find that out! Now Tiger is back on my iBook and I have new RAM installed, but we leave out of town in about 20 minutes, so the real test of whether this bad boy is back up and running will be on Sunday when I install the rest of the software and restore my identity so to speak.

Thanks to those of you who called to help, who prayed, and who endured my suckish attitude. Cheers! A round of pints on me. Really, my beer should be finished brewin' by the time I am back home, so...

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