Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wallis on Robertson on Chavez

So, I wasn't planning on commenting on the whole Robertson-Chavez thing, but I ran across this from the Sojourners website.

Jim Wallis writes, "This incident reveals that Robertson does not believe in democracy; he believes in theocracy. And he would like governments, including our own, to implement his theological agenda, perhaps legislate Leviticus, and take out those who disagree."

Read the full article here.

I am just hoping that most folks can really see that comments like the ones that Robertson made are hardly Christian at all. In fact, they seem to be completely contrary to Jesus.


Eric Wakeling said...

What frustrates me a ton too is that I have friends who do the same thing as Pat Robertson at times. They justify things like war and the death penalty through their lens of what makes sense as an American citizen - not what makes sense as a follower of Christ. It's not the same thing!! Just because something makes sense for American gain, doesn't make it right. I think Robertson was trying to say that it could save lives to assasinate vs. a war, but that is not an ethical dilemma we need to choose a side on. Choose the side of peace and love - that seemed to be the revolution Christ is talking about.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Hear, hear Eric.

Here's someone else's thoughts on the whole thing.

Just a snippet of what he has to say... It's time to name Robertson for what he is: an American fundamentalist whose theocratic views are not much different from the "Muslim extremists" he continually assails. It's time for conservative evangelical Christians in America, who are not like Islamic fundamentalists or Robertson, to distance themselves from his embarrassing and dangerous religion.

Lora said...

I must confess to being a former AMERICAN christian. Push come to shove they might not have been in that order, but they were strongly linked...likely still are in ways...? I very much looked at things through a lens of what made sense as an american citizen...not only that, but a republican american christian citizen, because I was then SOLIDLY on god's side. After all, James Dobson assured me it was so! And now I don't want to just join the enlightened "we hate america(and particularly republicans)" club, for that seems to simply trade a different "us" for a different "them"(I'm a sheep and YOU'RE a goat!...No, I'M a sheep and you're the GOAT!). We're all sheep with turds stuck in our wool, so let's just get over ourselves, and know we can agree on one thing: Pat Robertson is definately a GOAT.