Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Prayer for my Computer

Hi folks. I am writing from Holly's computer. My computer crashed yesterday evening, unexpectedly. I have been on the phone with Apple this morning (until the call was dropped a few minutes ago!)... and it's not been good. Apparently I am one of the first people to report something like this in this particular operating system. They think I might have to wipe the hard drive completely. Please God, no!

I know it may sound trivial to some of you, but this is a really big deal for me... really. It's not just music and photos (although it's that too). It's emails, SharpSeven business files (some recently completed, but not yet uploaded), songs I have written, recorded, etc.

Please, if you are the praying kind, pray that somehow this will get resolved without the destroying of my hard drive.

Okay, off to the Apple Store to see if they can be any more helpful than the phone guy was.

1 comment:

Mike Stavlund said...

any word, Ryan?

I'm still praying...