Friday, April 28, 2006


For those attempting to follow us (like my mom), so sorry that I haven't been able to keep you up better. Internet really has been hard to come by or we have simply been out of time.

Okay. An update.

Just left the Cinque Terre this morning. God, what an amazing place. Really. Probably our favorite place yet. Stayed 2 nights in the town of Riomaggiore. When we go back with our little one, we'll stay in's the birthplace of pesto. Mmm. So yummy. I had 4 meals of fresh pesto and fresh pasta in the last 4-5 days. So good.

We are passing through Florence, hoping to connect with a friend from the States [Craig and Lora read: Savannah] and then head off to Switzerland. First Montreux, then the panoramic train to Interlaken, up a lift to the town of Gimmelwald.

I just talked with the proprietor there and he says the weather is bad. No worries, I've always wanted to see the Alps, so we're there.

I'm hoping I'll get to ski either in the Swiss Alps or the Austrian Alps. We'll see.

The rest of our trip is not really planned out. We'll probably sketch a finer detailed map once we have a few days up in Switzerland. Perhaps we'll stay there an extended time or jet out quickly. Don't know.

Strangely we ran into some of Holly's work friends as we were leaving the Cinque Terre this morning. So strange. So strange.

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Jon said...

Wow, you actually ran into people you know from the States, unexpectedly over there? That's wild.

More and more, I believe what my teacher said though, that there are no coincidences. Synchronicity city, man!