Saturday, April 29, 2006

Confederation of Helvetia

We are in Switzerland. Wow. Just paid way too much for a fondue dinner, but it's snowing in the Alps.

We rode a lift up 1500 ft in 4 minutes from Lauterbrunnen to Gimmelwald. I cried I was so scared. God!

Can you believe that we have wifi at 7000 ft. in the Swiss Alps? In a rustic barn setting? What is going on here?


Eric Wakeling said...

Ryan - that sounds so awesome. I stayed in Vernazza before and I also stayed a few nights at the Mountain hostel in Gimmelwald which was one of my favorite places on earth. So peaceful. Walking by people with wooden pitchforks and ricolla horns was a flashback in time. So peaceful and such cool people at the hostel. Anyways, thanks for taking me back there. I hope you're enjoying it.

Craig Bob said...

The photo alone gives me the heebie-jeebies. But still, it is stunningly beautiful.

How was your friend in Florence?