Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Living off the Kindness of Acquaintances

The last week or so has been spent throughout the beautiful NorthWest. Oregon and Washington have always been states that Holly and I've had love affairs with. Whilst we seem to be faithful to California, if ever we were to cheat, it would be with the NorthWest we-thinks.

Last week, we (along with my sister who has documented the trip) were put up by the Burnett family in Woodinville, on the northeast side of Lake Washington. Then we moved over a little ways west to stay with the Lewis family. What kind people...hardly knowing us and opening their homes and cupboards to us. And now their essentially family.

We have decided that we resonate with Portland a bit more than Seattle. Seattle sure seems like it's grown up a bit, while Portland still has a raw-ness that we really vibed with. Perhaps not now, but someday we'll live here...almost for certain.


Lora said...

"And now their essentially family."

You sluts! Going around sleeping with other families...we'll just see about that next time (sunday) you come knocking on our door, wanting entrance to the amazing sleeping room with the delicious foam mattress topper. Humph.

celticfire said...

LOL. Portland is intoxicating. :)