Monday, May 08, 2006

Bourgeois Scum That I Am

Well I never.

You see, we're traveling most of this trip on Eurail passes, which so happen to be 1st class. No, I did not specify 1st class... in fact, I would have bought the cheaper 2nd class option if there were one. There wasn't. So we've been in 1st class for most of this trip (train-wise, mind you...not on the flight).

Well... turns out we've gotten pretty used to this whole 1st class thing. It's been so nice to scoot past the masses of travelers and locals to find our cushy seats at the front (or sometimes back) of the train. We've had entire cars all to ourselves, including panoramic cars through the Rhine valley. Wow.

Well today we left the countries that our Eurail passes cover. We entered the Czech Republic and had to purchase actual train tickets. Looking at us (I guess) they assumed we were 2nd class and sold us those tickets. Not thinking about it, I took them. Well you can imagine how put out I was to find out that we were not going to be traveling 1st class on a 4-hour train ride to Prague.

Well I never.

I have become all that I thought wrong with the world. I have become the privileged 1st-classer. I weap.

So we rode 2nd class here and it was actually quite nice. And we made it safe and sound to our hotel in Prague. Ah...

4 nights here and then to Amsterdam with a possible stop-off in Berlin. Should we? You tell me.



Chris Marlow said...

You cats on 1st class, Hmm, who would have thought?

Safe travels bro...

Andrew Greenhalgh said...

I've heard of this "first class", but I've never actually seen one....Hmmm...What was it like?!

debbie said...
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debbie said...

hey ryan,
i was just going back through my blog and saw that you left me a message a few months ago...but yeah, i worked at pondo and my friends and i stayed at your house for a few days, but i don't think that i ever met you and holly. by the way, your house was amazing as was her artwork.

Jon said...

Yes, you should.

Just do it. said...

something tells me your first class trip was nothing like my 38 hour "first class" trip through india.... lots of living things not human accompanied me.... :P

Anyway friends... hope all is well in the Czech. and how's Miss Holly and her pregnant self travelling all around these places? Good, I hope :)