Monday, May 01, 2006

Photos, Photos, Photos

Okay. I just created some galleries with some photos from our trip thus far. Just click on the below links, as they are divided by Country or City. Cool? Ciao.

And don't worry...there are only about a dozen photos for each link, give or take...

Bruges, Belgium
Paris, France
Figueres, Spain
Nice, France
Cinque Terre, Italy
Gimmelwald, Murren, and Alps, Switzerland



ashdown said...


spectacular photos...

where are the ones of ry crying on the ski lift. heheh

miss you guys -
j and a

Chris said...

Great photos guys!


not your mom said...

it's one thing to have the eye for the shots...but I just drool over how awsome the camera takes the shot

Danae said...

spectacular. the scenery is beautiful, but you two look even more gloriously satisfied and content!

love you and miss you both!

Eric Wakeling said...

With that beard I'm just waiting for Ryan's voice to come out like Wil Ferrel when he says, "My love-ah and I feasted on goose fat and berries as we danced naked in the mountains and my love-ah embraced me through the night."

Martin said...

I just got done with the Switzerland pics...Dennis who sits behind me and I playing "on the clock hookey". When we were done Dennis went back to his computer and says, "After looking at those, now I have to look at this f**king computer again. He's always wanted to travel too but you know that it's too hard for me to leave the beach. You guys are look really well and I'm looking forward to your being back home in two weeks.
Love always,

Chris Haw said...

i looked through all them photos and loved the crap out of them! cass and i just had craig and lora stay with us--they are great peoples.

and they recollected you to us. so...i'm thinking of you.

enjoy. love, chris