Friday, May 26, 2006

Sunshine = God's Pleasure

This last weekend, Holly and I were invited back to the 814 to perform a wedding ceremony for our friends James and Jen. It was a wonderful day, with incredible weather (that was not anticipated since May has had less than 8% sun), wonderful draft beer (thanks Sean), good friends and a wonderfully simple, and very 814, wedding ceremony. Martin recounts it here.

Yes, it was a great day.

The 814 is a magical place in our memory...kind of like the mythic BIG FISH town of Spectre. But I don't think it's our time to be there right now...but it's wonderful to go back and visit.

These last several days have been wonderful. San Diego is a great town...and my sister lives in a cool neighborhood (University Heights), lined with independent restaurants and little shops and coffee houses. And seeing our good friends in South Park was a wonderful time. The Evans, Gonzales, and Kembles are such great folks.

And a little breakfast with my buddy Mike reminded me of what a similar journey we seem to be on. Wow. He made a statement that I have been considering quite a bit these last couple days... People only deconstruct and re-imagine things that really mean something to them. Wow. I think you're right.

Now we're back in the Bay for a few days. Always good to be back up here. Ahh.

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Darius said...

"People only deconstruct and re-imagine things that really mean something to them." That's a great point, and very true. Also, I think that "tradition" is never really stagnant unless it dies. Otherwise there's always a certain amount of de and re constructing going on, sometimes slowly, sometimes with a major reformation or insight.