Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Holy Zinfandel, Batman!

These guys make a lovely estate-grown Zinfandel. They have a small 6-acre crop of 16-year-old vines just miles from Yosemite at the foothills of the Sierras. I am really bummed that we didn't visit their estate. We will plan on making a trip out there soon enough...anyone care to join? Husband and wife team who decided to start a new life in Mariposa County as wine-growers and vintners. Brilliant!

We have only had their 2004 Zinfandel...and it was amazing. Spicey and fruity, with subtle sophistication. Tasty. It was so good I called the owners to tell them so and to see if SharpSeven could design their next wine label. We shall see about that.

Have I told you about my dream to some day own land with a vineyard on it and make the best Zin around? And I spoke with the owner for a half an hour or so today on the phone. She tells me that land prices in and around Mariposa County are down. Perhaps now's the time to buy? Live in a yurt until I could build some sort of earth-shelter or eco-home? Commune? Anyone out there feelin' me?


lukemiller said...

i could totally be down with a northern california commune/vineyard. we'd have to do homebrew, too, though.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

But of course!!!

Steven Nicholson said...

Better yet, move to the Cape Winelands in South Africa and make a nice Pinotage.

But mostly, I wanted to congratulate you - first belatedly on Pax, and perhaps as importantly, on using the word "yurt" in a post.

Anonymous said...

commune, next to a vineyard? where do i sign up? i would love to. eco-house/shelter sounds great too.

SB said...

I love everything about this post, Ryan.