Saturday, November 11, 2006

Some Updates

It has been a crazy past few weeks...adjusting to life with Paxton, having family in town, attempting to get work done, writing for a new album, looking forward with schedules, getting plugged into our community here.

For stuff about Pax, click here to check out his blog. I'm updating it every day (which is why posts have been more infrequent here).

Holly and I have committed to be here for at least a year (or so it says on our lease). But seriously, we did just commit to some common vows with other friends in the area. We are part of a small community of folks who want to discover more fully what it means to live in a truly good way, as the Master has called us to. We'll be launching this site as a place for discussion and news about any upcoming events, like our "Giving Stuff Away Day" which will be on Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving.

This group of people have become dear friends in the area...and are a good part of the reason we moved here.

On Monday, some of us are going to make an early morning start down to Burlingame for the Business of God seminar. It sounds like a cool deal...discussions around doing business with Kingdom ethics.

On Thursday, Craig is to come over to help me record scratch tracks for the first 10 or so songs for the album. I'll hope to post a song or two around here or on MYSPACE.

Also, we've a friend coming into town next weekend, Emma. She's someone we met in Thailand...and she spends her time between Nepal, Bangkok, Cambodia, and soon S. Korea. I just pitched to her the option of going to the Alemany Farm (just down the street from us) and harvesting for the afternoon (and getting some of the bounty!). Anyone else interested?

Later this month, we'll be a part of another Emmaues Road Cohort, hoping to connect with others who are wondering some of the same things we are about life, God, spirituality, economics, and the like.

Some Cobalt Season shows are coming up...that's pretty exciting for us. One in Oakland on Dec 2nd, one in Sacramento the following Saturday (Dec 9th), and then one in SF (possibly at our place) on Dec 10th. All free. All with Deccatree and Brett Bixby.

Please download the image and post it on your blog or print it out and put it up at work or places you frequent. We'd be mighty obliged.

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Anonymous said...

hey Ryan, thanks for dropping by my blog. We met at Rick Bennett's place sometime last year in Tampa. You and your wife were playing some music there.

as to how i'm doing, we have recently (2 months ago) moved to Portland, OR. I'm doing some graduate school, my wife Kelli is working for the Salvation Army and we're serving at a church called The Evergreen Community. We're loving it out here!

Good to hear from ya man, hope you guys are doing well.