Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Losing My Freaking Mind

It's been a rough day. Honestly, it's been a rough six weeks of parenthood.

Some things that have typified my days...

lack of sleep,
lots of coffee,
raised voices (usually me or Pax),
screams (usually just Pax),
general craziness,
too little time to do anything really,
hopes for doing a great many things,
willingness to give stuff up, but wondering what to give up,
friends and family from out of town,
sugar highs (and lows),
washing clothes/stuff every other day,
loading/unloading the dishwasher,
staring at a garden that is doing nothing but growing weeds,
not reading enough,
canceling Netflix because it takes us a week to get through a movie completely,
smelling cat crap every time I enter our front yard (which angers me more because I paid $40 for chickenwire to fix that problem),
driving a dirty car,
always cleaning the house,
making a little time here and there for wine,
picking up the guitar,
putting it right back down,
arguing with my wife,
telling my child that I love him,
telling my child to shut up,

I took a nap this afternoon and still woke up sour. I am frustrated that my time to get anything done is determined by the length of his naps...which is generally 30 minutes - 1 hour these days. Who can do anything in that amount of time?

And it feels like he is back to crying all the time. Good Lord.

I was told that everything with a newborn is a phase...everything...good or bad. So don't ever expect anything to last too long.


Lora said...

but other than those things, what have you been doing?

Chris said...

hey man,

i could easily try and come up with something clever to say, but let me just say this, every parent deals with those very frustrations...you are not alone.

sarah jane said...

that made me laugh out loud. welcome to being a parent! this is our life too. you just have to keep on keepin' on. and bring yer kid(s) with you. they catch on pretty quick and will live by your example. so stay present. that's my only advice.

Nate Millheim said...

Bro, I am so feelin' you. Last night was a reminder of all we had somehow forgotten about...congratulations on making it to the six week mark. I'm looking forward to it.

Andy and Celena said...

No way! You have a dishwasher? Sweet...

nir said...

Welcome to parenthood. It does get easier. Just be grateful he wasn't twins ...