Thursday, November 16, 2006

Scratch Trax

Craig came over today, and we recorded scratch tracks for 10 songs. He was a wonderful engineer (and photographer).

I'm thinking that most of these songs will end up on the new album...but probably not all of them. About half are piano-based and half are acoustic guitar-based. I'm still planning on writing a few more in the weeks to come. And then I'll start recording the album in the end of Nov / beginning of Dec.

I uploaded one scratch track at The Cobalt Season MYSPACE account. It's called HOME. Check it out yo. And enjoy.


SB said...

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. Or maybe another more sanitary insect.

s.o said...

Post one up! Yeah!

so, on the coming tour will you play any of these? Will you keyboard it, or what?

Mike said...

I'm loving the music, and that photo (aren't you sitting right about where Pax was born?).

I trust we can expect a tell-all book from Craig, or at least a long blog post: "Ryan Sharp-- A Prophet and a Forty-Dollar Piano", or maybe "Ryan Sharp-- Songs With an Edge", or "The Cobalt Season-- Sharp Tongue, Soft Heart."

(sorry if I stepped on any possible album titles...)

Craig Bob said...

Hmmmmmm, a tell-all memoir .... interesting idea. Ryan could have made that a lot easier on me if he had, maybe, thrown a chromatic tuner at my head (you know, Naomi Campbell style). Or if he had served up some magic mushrooms instead of the organic, free-range teriyaki salmon. I'll have to try and recover some repressed memories of the day or something. - Craig

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, Bruh.