Monday, April 21, 2008

On The Road Again Again

It was actually a really nice day. We let Pax get a nap this morning at Holly's parent's house. A 2-hour one at that. That was nice.

Oh, and I did something I swore I'd never do: I bought a car DVD player for my kid.

Then we took off, all packed, in the minivan, with a DVD player, and drove. And it wasn't so bad. He seemed to enjoy himself. Holly and I even caught a nap on the trip, thanks to Jared's driving. We stopped a few times to let Pax play.

We arrived into Santa Barbara just before dinnertime and let Pax play was lovely. Had local pizza and wine for dinner. Yum. Then some lazytime TV...Scrubs, Colbert and Stuart, and whatnot.

Yes, it's been a nice day. Thanks to the Almighty and to all of you for your support.


Anonymous said...

I laugh because I gave in to the portable DVD player too! Not my style but with traveling as much as we do it was a lifesaver!
Glad you had a good experience. I know the anxiety that comes with long road trips with kids. Ugh.

maria said...

Glad you're on the bandwagon! Slacker Parents Unite! ;-)