Sunday, April 20, 2008

On The Road Again

I'm frazzled. We just picked up the minivan, loaded it full o' gear and CDs and then drove down to Santa Cruz for a wedding and then a show tonight at Vintage Faith's Brickhouse Coffee House.

Paxton has been more than out of sorts lately. Strongly out of sorts for the last 3-4 days and just generally out of sorts for more than a week. It's driving me crazy. Holly tells me that I'm pretty much just like him when I'm sick. And certainly he's teething and he has this bad cough.

But he drives me crazy. Really.

Driving down today, I just wanted to call all the folks hosting us on this tour and just cancel. It just feels like this trip is going to come at such a high cost...and I hope to God that it doesn't. I hope Pax rests well tonight, that his body is healed, and that he can enjoy the trip.

Because if he's not enjoying the trip, no one will. But still we don't just want to give him everything he wants just to get him to shut up. That may sound harsh if you don't have kids. But seriously, a parent on a road trip with their child might just go to any length to attain some sort of peace and quiet.

So, God give us some grace and mercy here. I could care less about angels flying along side the car to keep us from some accident...I'll worry about that. I'm a good driver. Just send some friggin' angels to keep my kid occupied!

[deep breath]

Okay, actually prayers, thoughts, well-wishes, whatnot. Send whatever you got. Or perhaps make a donation to our family counseling fund.


renee altson said...

this resonates with me so. very. much.

i wish you all some sense of comfort and quiet and peace.

much love
renee (altson)

Anonymous said...

Parents everywhere are not judging, only shaking their heads in agreement. We'll pray for your family to have a great trip & for your son to become an excellent traveler.

joel said...

Kate and I have had some or our worst fights either in route or in planning for a trip. They can be unbearable.

Miss you guys,