Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coming Along

With the help of so many great people, the house is really coming along.

Much thanks to (in no particular order)...
Steve & Michelle Davis
Adam Klein
Brad, Birgitta, Maddax, and Vienna Clark
Glenn Krake
Amos Lanka
And our SF loaders...Trav, Jean, Joel, D&B, and Nathan

These people have unloaded our stuff, painted our walls, dreamed about hacking down (er, trimming back) trees, bought us breakfast, bought us dinner, flew, drove, bought coffee.

So, thanks everyone.

Fresh paint is still going on the walls and there are still boxes to be unpacked, but all in all, it's feeling pretty good. And Autumn begins tomorrow morning. And there was a perfect rainstorm followed by a double rainbow. Wow. I mean, wow.


joshuarudd said...

Ah, Steve-o and Michelle. Tell them "howdy" for us.

Brooke Gonzales said...

Wow, Ryan. Congrats on the move! I hope your time in Portland is all that you want it to be. Hope to visit you up there sometime. I've never even been to the state of Oregon, so it's about time.