Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Fruit Waiting For Us

Our friends the Clarks drove by our new house today. They snapped some shots of the fruit growing in our backyard.

Unfortunately, no wine grapes (yet), but Birgitta said these white seedless grapes tasted superb. I think Maddax and Vienna seconded and thirded that opinion.

I'll look forward to tasting them myself in a matter of days.

Looks like there's a good deal of pruning that needs to take place for them to produce good fruit next year. An opportunity to get to know some grapes. Finally. And on my own piece of land.

And walking further back on the property there is apparently a fig tree. Mmm. Mmm. I cannot wait.


Mike Stavlund said...

I ate my first fresh fig this summer, and it lit me up. I'm very jealous of your new garden, yo.

Doody Mac said...

Luckyyyy!!! Oh to have my own garden of delicious fruits. My TX grandparents had a fig tree in their back yard and we would always eat them right off the tree. So good. Homemade Fig Newtons perhaps? ;)