Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Feeling the Fall

There is a melancholy that comes with (or from?) the autumnal shift. It still may technically be weeks away (is it?), but I feel it already. The shortening of the days, the wind, the sound of the leaves. And in my interior, I feel the shift. The turning toward warm foods, coffee in the afternoon (which was unthinkable just a week ago!), and my heart longing for fall-time memories with my son and wife.

I love fall. It is a complicated relationship though. It makes me sad, but from that sadness, I feel life. I reach the limits of production in summer and fall is harvest. Actually, I don't know how true that actually is. Most of production continues on into fall for us. But there's some rest, some inward hibernation that is being plotted.

Today it was clear to me that we're leaving the Bay Area fall to embrace the Portland fall. I do hope we love it. And I hope it loves us.

We closed on our house yesterday and I leave in the big PENSKE next Wednesday...Holly and Pax joining a few days later. A new kind of pilgrimage...a more permanent one.

So strange how life shifts. The seasons...thank God for the seasons.


amoslanka said...

i'm not sure its possible not to like the fall in portland. I hear September is suppose to be the best month of the year here and thus far, it hasn't let me down.

kristi said...

wishing i would have even a small glimpse of fall here...it pretty much bypasses us altogether in balmy (HOT & HUMID) florida. i think september is the hottest month!

i'm excited for you guys and can't wait to plan a trip to see you. also, i'm dying to see a picture of this new abode...safe travels.

Anonymous said...

amos is right...it is not possible to not like the fall in portland. my favorite season. my favorite city. portland + fall = perfection.

welcome to one of the most beautiful cities in the us. :)

Nathan said...

oh how i love the melancholy muted crackling tones of autumn. can i come see this portland fall that is so famous?