Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our New Address

908 SE 35th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Everything else will stay the's strange to carry 714 and 760 phone numbers around for so long...years upon years! These area codes have crossed states, countries, oceans with us. And I just cannot imagine getting rid of these numbers.

But I am aware of what they represent: detachment from any one locale. It's the lifestyle of the translocal. Everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Sounds zen, but it could just be hypocrisy for someone who talks from time to time about context and connection with a particular area.

But for now, I'm a pragmatist, not a philosopher. At least in this instance. I will keep my 714 number and Holly, her 760. Perhaps someday we'll crossgrade to 503. We'll see.


Scott said...

A Portland address, a Parisian surprise... What's next?

Interesting observation about the phone number prefixes.

Anonymous said...

whats that area code? I still have a nebraska area code and people usually get freaked out if I call them when they don't have my number in their phone already. afterall, who knows anyone from nebraska??

Emma said...

a lot of my friends still have waco numbers in nyc and cali or wherever else they are now... so strange, but also kind of quaint.

Unknown said...

i hear you on the phone number issue. same with us. I am still rockin' the (562), but considering you now own property it seems like you are pretty safe to switch.