Saturday, March 28, 2009

Holly's Pics

Our schedule has been so full there's been so little time to blog. Holly did just post some great photos here and here. She says she'll post more soon.

As for me, these weeks have been magical. It was a wonderful week with my family in Marbella and then a glorious week with friends in Mijas-Costa. We're now in Barcelona. We trained all day today. It was wonderful even if the Monkey only took a 30 minute nap. He'll go to bed early tonight. Dan, Bethany, and Adam join us here at our Barcelona apartment (just off La Rambla at Placa Catalunya) by plane and cab.

I'm excited for a few days here. The Costa del Sol was relaxing and enjoyable. Barcelona is a totally different flavor. Much more like Europe's San Francisco, as I remember it from last time. These should be some great days.

Travel does me well generally. Breaks habits, reminds me that the impossible is possible (ie. traveling with a 2 year old) and that humanity is the same and different, gives distance from "home life", etc. And this has been a great trip. Great food and wine, laughter, and wonderful sites and excursions.

After Barcelona, we head back to Paris for a couple weeks. Probably jaunt down to a wine region or two while were there if there's time.

Pax is doing well, traveling like a champ. Traveling with people who love him makes such a difference. Such a difference. A few meltdowns, but normal stuff really. It is friggin' hard to keep this kid occupied. Seriously.

I've had some great reading the last few days, A Failure of Nerve, a book Dan and Bethany lent me. I hope to write up something about it in the week's to follow. Great stuff. Mind-blowing, yet articulating stuff I've been thinking about as well. Helpful.

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