Sunday, March 29, 2009


Wow. What a day. Spent this morning at Gaudi's cathedral and this afternoon at a basilica in the sky.

Dan, Adam and I caught a short one-hour train from Barcelona to Montserrat, a mountain monastery. Wow.

We climbed...on tracks, cog-rails and a gondola. I skipped the gondola. I hate those things. Once above the monastery we hiked around and then back down, stopping in for some local cheese, cheesecake, candied almonds and fig loaf. Mmmmmmm.

Magic is not rare up here. Stone and building as one, breathtaking views...the Piernees to the northwest, the coast and Barcelona to the southeast. Magic abounds.

Both excursions were renewing to me. We have already started plotting a way to rent a pad in Barcelona next year for a few months.

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