Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Audio and a Quote

So, I just put links to 6 songs on the right down there for songs of "The Cobalt Season" as well as some roughs that will be recut and on Clover's new record.

And a blog I came upon via Will with a post worth reading as we are considering all we have to be thankful for...

poet in motion: A Time to Lament: "If there is one thing that we can learn from [Lamentations], and from the Bible in general, it is that when bad things happen we should lament them.  We might be able to put a clear label on things.  Was that good?  Was it evil?  Was it from God or not?  But regardless of those categories we can say this: 'It is lamentable.'

We have just such a situation in a country called Iraq today.  Christians argue over whether or not the war that is taking place there is justifiable.  Hopefully, we are open and sensitive to each other's views.  I personally believe that this war is unjustifiable, ungodly, unholy, etc.  Maybe I'm wrong, though.  Maybe.

In any case, we ought to be able to agree on at least one thing.  This war is lamentable.  We ought to be able to agree that it is with great sorrow that we kill the enemies we were taught to feed.  Even if it has truly been necessary to disregard the advice of our neighbors, as represented by the U.N., this too should be cause for lament. 

There should be no doubt, despite our differences, that Christians everywhere should be crying out to the Lord for a speedy end to this war.  We should be pleading with God for the safety of innocent civilians.  We should cry out for peace.  This is a time to lament."


yrautca said...

I wanted to say you got a nice blog going, although I cant relate to a lot of stuff you put out there because I am neither very religious nor a Christian. In fact, I believe that organized religion has caused much pain and sorrow over the centuries and continues to do so.

As for the war on Iraq, please dont analyze this war in a Christian/Muslim context. This war is not just affecting one group of people. All of us are worse of for it.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

I cannot agree with you more that organized religion has been very detrimental (perhaps one of the most detrimental) things in human history. Paradoxically, I do find many "religious founders" to be some of the people who have been able to create some sense of hope in this world.

I am doing a paper this fall in my US History class on the negative affects of European religion on indigenous peoples of the Americas. I plan to post it here in a couple weeks. Check back for a link.

I do, however, disagree with the lack of Muslim/Christian value warring being a part of this current, shall we say, fiasco in the Middle East. While I would not call it an overt religious war, I think it is viewed by much of the world this way... and really most religious wars are simply culture wars and pissing contests. Who knows God better? Who knows the 'best' way to live.

But hey, that's just what I think.

Enjoyed your comment.