Monday, November 22, 2004

U2 and Spin

I just finished reading this month's Spin interview with U2. A great read... even if the writer of the article is a bit of a U2 skeptic.

Some of my favorite quotes:

Bono: "There is this cliche' that artists are pure and business people can't be trusted. Well, in my life I've met a lot of artists who were real assholes, and I've met a lot of businessmen who walk their dogs. So these things aren't true. We need new thinking."

From the article: [Bono] wants people to realize that the war against AIDS is much more significant than the war against Iraq."

The article continues to inquire about the lack of 'politiking' on this record. Many have said this is a very un-political record.

Bono responds: "What came out of me was the other things in my life I wasn't tending to: My family, the hypocrisy of my own heart, and my father's death. I mean, why am I not spending more time with my kids? Why am I trying to save other people's kids instead? How can I sing about love when I am never at home? There are a lot of things that need to be addressed in the world. But those things just came pouring out of me."

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