Wednesday, November 17, 2004

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

What an amazing work of art. You can hear it here if you likey... legally. I love these guys, and I am so happy for some new tunes/meditations/prayers/psalms/prophecies.

Someone asked me if I know how to dismantle an atomic bomb.

I said, uh no.

He told me that you dismantle an atomic bomb with love.

Thank you Bono for making such a beautiful 'world policy' so clear.


Ben.. said...

yes, thank you bono

sweet sweet bono

dear sweet bono, the nicest guy i know


in_the_military said...

Love U2, we all sat around listening to the album.
Thanks . . .

How do you dismatle an A-bomb? Let's not be overly pessimistic or optimistic . . .
1.International treaties
2. Satisfy the purpose for which it was created
3. (the option I look forward to) the LORD JESUS RETURNS.

We aren't going to zen our way out of the chains of WMD. Sorry Ryan, keep writing poetry and refusing to deal with reality.

I'm here. As long as I am abel I will serve you and this country by protecting you to the greatist ability that Yahweh has given me (even though you belong in Canada because at 27 it would seem to me that you would be able to protect yourself and those you love while trusting fully in JESUS).

One last thing son: listen to the album again, Bono agrees with me.

in_the_military said...
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