Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Psalm 20:7

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God."

Dare I say?

Some trust in George W and some in Senator Kerry (I did sorta),
But we will trust in something higher.

I am attempting to wrestle through this, and also to wrestle through some of the comment's I am sure to hear like "Well, it was God's will for the President to remain with us... God sets up and removes rulers... it's in the Bible." or "God is sovereign and acted on our behalf by not letting that evil flip-flopper into office... America can remain a Christian nation."

And I am thinking, did God put Hitler into office?

I mean, it's just interesting that if God acts in a way you deem suitable, He is in control, but what about 9/11 or the holocaust in the Sudan?

I choose to trust that God will continue to move in and across this earth, finding heart's that are committed to helping to bring healing and unity and using these people. There will always be divisive people. There will always be people doing heinous acts in the name of God, but I trust in God and his ways... not in them... not in them...

Sorry if this was a bit cliche'... Just some thoughts I need to work out on virtual-paper.

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secret said...

Aren't we just trying to find the difference between what God is allowing to happen, or if he is actually causing it to happen? Is there a difference?
The Isrealites asked for a king. God showed then just what a bad idea that was by letting them have (or giving them) Saul.
They turn from God, and he send the Assyrian to teach them a lesson (gotta love when god uses "sinners" to teach those oh so spiritual people).
Is there such a thing as God's perfect will and/or allowable will? IDK
One last question. Is dubya here to teach us a lesson or somebody else? We know his perspective. What is ours?