Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Grey War

Such interesting times we live in. It seems as if so many people have a black and white view of this war and the US's efforts in Iraq: they were wrong and evil, we are a right(eous) people.

I read these the other day. Eye-opening.

Far Country Tell: "I wonder what happens when we try to hear Osama Bin Ladin’s words as the words of a prophet rather than a madman? Conservative Evangelical Christians have whored their faith (and security) to a political party. America finds its hope and salvation through political policy –foreign and domestic. This was the context in which the now famous “Osama October Surprise” statement was said."

Aljazeera.Net - Full transcript of bin Ladin's speech: "Destruction is freedom and democracy, while resistance is terrorism and intolerance."

This might be worth your time to read. It might help you to understand that they don't "hate our freedom" as much as they hate who we have assisted/supported and oppressed/killed.

I post this not to say, "Yea Osama!", as much as I post it to say, "It's seldom as simple as you think!"

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in_the_military said...

Alright Ryan,
I'm asking for a blog on your thoughts for solving the world's trouble. You are a great leader . . . what do you do? start today or go bag to 15 minutes after the trade center fell. Whatever, I just want to know what we SHOULD be doing and what we SHOULDN'T be doing.