Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Banned UCC Ad

I just read Will's Blog regarding the United Church of Christ's ad which is available to view here.

A wonderful ad. So sad that the networks have pulled it in light of the recent "anti-" mentalities that seem so popular in this past election. That saddens me. It seems like people have grown particularly more and more closed-minded.

Then I read this:
Blog for America: "Here's what CBS had to say about it:
'Because this commercial touches on the exclusion of gay couples and other minority groups by other individuals and organizations,' reads an explanation from CBS, 'and the fact the Executive Branch has recently proposed a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, this spot is unacceptable for broadcast on the [CBS and UPN] networks.'"


Jeffrey said...

I liked the ad. But it makes me wonder why they needed to blast other churches. As a Christian who was once that way, (exclusive) I must say that an ad like that would only further the rift between the congregations when we are trying to bridge that. We are also trying to show the world a "better" way. That can be done without comparing to other churches.

The Emergent Church seems to be about inclusion, correct? The inclusion that Jesus taught. So, by deriding other churches, we are in turn saying they are not to be included. I guess I'm saying post an ad saying you are open to everyone. Don't tear down other churches in the process. That should be a conversation to go on with those churches, not on national television. My opinion.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Some really good thoughts Jeff.

I really struggle with how tolerant we should be with intolerant people, you know? Such a struggle for me. Because I want everyone to be open-minded in the way that I think people should be open-minded. But isn't that so very closed-minded of me?

I must say though that there was a sense of fire in Jesus' when we read of him going in to the temple area with whips and anger, turning over tables claiming that this place was/is to be called a house of prayer for all nations. It's as if he is saying 'stop trying to keep people out!' you know?

Can we (as the church) properly 'move forward' if we do not take an honest look at where we are at? Remember, the UCC hasn't always been the most inclusive church. This could be as much of an indictment on themselves as it is on other churches.