Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Dean Next Time Around?

You think it's possible that it could happen? He has always struck me as a good candidate. I appreciated his opposition to the war and his passion for what America could be.

In Howard Dean's latest column on DMA: "The pundits have said that this election was decided on the issue of moral values. I don't believe that. It is a moral value to provide health care. It is a moral value to educate our young people. The sense of community that comes from full participation in our Democracy is a moral value. It is a moral value to make sure that we do not leave our own debts to be paid by the next generation. Honesty is a moral value."

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secret said...

Dean? I doubt it. I recently read/am reading the newsweek that came out after the election. they had reporters in both campaigns who pledged not to report until the election was over.
Honestly I understand that most if not all news media are biased in some way(the most obvious FOX rep. and CBS dem.), and perhaps you may know more about newsweek's tendancies. It seemed to paint a pretty equal picture of each candidate, and campaign, as far as I could tell (stereotypes may not be so far off).
However, Dean seemed to do himself in early on...unfortunate.
But we can all be hopeful.