Thursday, December 09, 2004

A New Kind of MP3

I am listening to Tim Keel's "A New Kind of Christian" series on my computer as I am working this morning. Very good stuff. Some of the series is here at the Jacob's Well website.

I think Jasen got these to me. Thanks Jase.

He is talking about Bible worship... Bibliolatry. What an interesting notion, but it's a hunch I've had for a while. That it's not just about the Bible; it's about the story of God and humanity. And it's not even about the story; it is about the God behind the story. It's about the God behind it...

I have always found kindred spirit with CS Lewis' quote, "The Bible is not the Word of God, but the cradle for the Word of God."

I might go further and say the Bible is a cradle for the Word of God.

Right now, Tim is saying that most Christians worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Scriptures. I love it. He is also talking about how the Pharisee's used Scripture to contradict and challenge and judge Jesus in his time and how Jesus responded to them by saying that the Word of God was not in them. Such an interesting challenge for those using the Bible to 'slay' the world rather than 'help' or 'heal' the world.



Shadow said...

that's funny, I've been going through that series this week too. I love the challenge he's giving to abandon our "Bible" worship, but at the same time turn to it in a new fervor, seeking to understand our story in the context of God's story throughout creation. I also love the idea of understanding the scriptures in the context of a community, and that it is the responsibility of teh community to make sense of what is going on, as opposed to some "timeless propositions" that we're supposed to look really really hard to find. Brings an interesting dynamic to the scriptures, don't you think?

Chris Monroe said...

Riding ourselves or biblioatry without riding ourselves of the scriptures. Deconstruction without destruction. Our world is in need of those as wise as they are bold -- know what I mean?

Oh... and they may well not come from North America or Europe. What do you think?

Nice blog, by the way.