Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Day 14: Dallas, TX

Had lunch with Dan today. Good Tex-Mex food. Great conversation. Dan is a well-informed fella who has a degree in Biblical theology and in Islamic studies. Well-traveled as well. He and his brother essentially grew up in Pakistan.

So we talked about Pakistan for a bit.

Now our Relational Tithe network is trying to figure out ways to help out in this devastating situation as we have done with other situations. (For some of those stories, you can go here.)

So, Dan's brother Trevor is jotting down some of his thoughts from the experience of being there on the ground here on his blog.

If you want to donate money directly to a person on the ground who is helping aid peopel in moving, you can donate to Trevor's fund here.

Got to talking about our potential involvement with heading to Pakistan. Talked about how we're trying to get comfortable in our own skin and wondering what that means for bringing healing into the world... whether it's through direct relief work or writing provocative music or art or whatnot.

I wonder what's ahead for Holly and I. Potential dreams of the future range from creating an urban L'Abri to traveling Nepal & Pakistan to staying on the road in the US to heading out to Scotland, Ireland, and Orkney Island.

Who knows? Thank God for opportunities and for people speaking truth and inspiration and life into our lives.

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