Saturday, October 29, 2005

Day 23: San Antonio

What a great day in San Antonio. Holly and I spent sometime on the Riverwalk, eating lunch at Brackenridge Park, and then spending time with the Soupisets and friends.

This was our first truly acoustic living room concert. That is, it was in a living room, lowly lit, with no sound system. Just me and my acoustic and several beers. Mmm.

It was a lovely night for all that it was. A sort of blind date between me and the Soupiset friends. I guess I never really know who I am going to meet along the way or who is going to resonate with what I will say. That's the beauty of this whole pilgrimage/tour thing.

Paul and Amy and Holly and I ended up staying up past 2am chatting about life, truth, art, and living life in the way of Jesus. For us, it's just Holly and I. For them, it's Paul and Amy and 4 kids. Props to them for asking big questions even with kids in the mix.

I hope that Holly and I, too, will have the audacity and faithfulness to continue to renegotiate and explore our reality even into parenthood. And the fact that others are attempting this as well gives us great hope.

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