Thursday, October 13, 2005

Day 8: Santa Fe to Ojo Caliente

What an incredible week. Inspiring. Refreshing. Invigorating. Imagination exploded. Relationships cultivated. Soul fed.

Photos up soon. Stories as well.

We head up this afternoon to Ojo Caliente hot springs for a couple nights, then we are going to spend a day with some new friends on their organic, sustainable-method farm just north of Santa Fe.

Then we're off to Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and the list goes on and on. I will have our itinerary posted soon if you're interested.

More once we're in Dallas early next week.

In the meantime, go read Michael's brilliant poem... and tell him how good it is.

1 comment:

Michael said...

suddenly a trillion hits on my blog, all from here. i bow to your mighty blog-muscle.

apparently no one but you thought it was brilliant though.

idiots, to have genius right in front of them and miss it.