Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tom and Me

Been re-listening to NT Wright's The Future of the People of God mp3s. (Scroll down on the linked page to find his stuff.)

Wow. What thoughts as I am listening to the second of the four mp3s...

The disciples went out, not to tell the world that there is a new way of being religious, for goodness sake we have enough of those.

Christians have tended to think our inheritance is heaven; The inheritance is God's new heavens and new earth brought together.

Stoicism was the belief that earth and heaven were the same thing. Epicurianism was the belief that earth and heaven are far away from each other. But Paul comes in with Hebraic thought and says that they are not the same, but with God in the world, they are much closer than you think.

Can you see how these subtle shifts in thinking could change so much in one's perception of the world? If any of these resonate in you, download them from the links about. They're free and worth your time.

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check out the book Action in Waiting. you can download it from

it's also a good book :)