Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day 37: Rustburg, Virginia

It's impossible to keep up...

...with the people we've met along the way
...with the wine and beer we've been blessed by
...with the experiences (good and bad)

There's just so little time to post to this damn blog. I thought we'd keep a regular podcast as well. There I go again, disappointing myself.

I sit in the guest bedroom of Jaime and Scott Childress's home in Rustburg, VA (about 15 minutes from Lynchburg), enjoying a cup of coffee I just brewed. Counter Culture beans...Rwandan. Mmm. The smell of Bisquick muffins emanating from the other room.

Why do you do this? some folks have asked along the way. And that's a good question. It's good for us to keep asking and good for us to answer.

We do it in part to nurture the amazing friendships we have all across the land. I don't know if I knew how important that would be to us and to them. I think that a great many of us feel isolated, alone, sad, disappointed. Having friends around that help us remember the greater story and how the risks we take are for a greater grace (thanks Mike for that phrase) is important.

Part of our vocation on this trip (turns out) is to take the stories from town to town...like in the olden days where the minstrels / apostles / whatever would connect people to the larger community by traveling to them. This has been evidently important.

I also feel that our message that we preach is a universal (yet contextual... :) ...) message. We all need to hear that there is a better way...and that our world is what we make of it. This is good stuff to be reminded of.

Today we'll head south by southeast thru the Blue Ridge Mountains down to Winston-Salem to play for some friends at Wake Forest. It should be a fun day / evening...if we can get some rest along the way.

Prayers for our rejuvenation and Pax's rest are coveted friends. We need to draw from a deeper well than just our own.


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Hey Ryan,
If you happen to travel down 81 in Southwestern Virginia, you will travel right through our town, Abingdon. We would love to have you over for dinner or even just get together for coffee and gelato at our local coffee shop. Pax could meet our three children. Just leave a message at my blog or email me if you like. It's probably too late now, but I didn't realize you would this close. Abingdon is close to Bristol, VA-TN (that's where Brant and his family live now).

Emma said...

so... when are you people going to connect and replenish this asian girl? hehehe. :P

Unknown said...

Hey guys...
Awesome time last night in Winston-Salem.... It's Cathryn- way rich in the blessing department. So glad - not only to hear and soak ... but the Convo too.... You guys are so tender- rich cab like wine. Keep the "outer court" vision... it's just as sacred! Love you guys and sending prayers to the deepest parts....
thick shalom that won't was off with a fire hose!!!
xo cat

Carlos said...

You're words are prophetic. Trust me. I've heard a lot.
Please keep writing.