Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 42-43: Tampa, Florida

We landed in Tampa after a 6 hour was a long one. We arrived at the Bennetts...a lovely 75 degrees outside. It was a nice change of pace. We played our second outdoor house show on this was a fun night of meeting some new folks and catching up with the Bennetts...and several others.

That was Saturday night...and Pax slept through most of the night...even sleeping in until 6.45am...and that is really sleeping in these days. Daylight Savings really threw him off...and tomorrow we begin our trek across the States, messing him up again and again with more and more time zone changes.

Sunday morning (today) we had the chance to play @ the Watermark Community in Tampa. Rick and Tommy set this up and it was a fun morning. Lots of good folks there.

This morning was our last east coast show on this trip. We head to TX for a few days and play our last 2 shows on this trip. Looking forward to it.

This has been such an amazing trip, but we are all ready to get home.


Anonymous said...

thanks again for your honesty, integrity, and economy. Last night was truly inspiring. The Oliver Wendall Holmes quote hit the spot.

Lora said...

home is ready to have you back....