Friday, November 02, 2007

Days 33-34: DC

Haven't had much time to blog. That is, we've chosen to hang with our friends Mike and Stacy and Ella and Matt and Dawn instead. Pax has had his first kiss, we have had some good quasi-local beer, some great food, good nights of sleep (plus a good morning of sleep this morning thanks to them). Tonight we're having a house show here @ Matt and Dawn's.

Tomorrow we head to Baltimore and then south from there. Tonight starts our stint of 9 shows in 10 days from here to Tampa, Florida (with a day off in Atlanta to see some friends and so some S7 work). The Atlanta show should be fun because Troy is going to play some of his stuff and cover a Cobalt tune; we'll return the favor.

I breathe deep this autumn air
She waivers
Unsure whether to say
I am Autumn with a Summer wing
I am Autumn with a Winter wing
And I don't mind
I am breathing deep
And it's been forever

Check out Pax's blog as Holly has been updating it more frequently with photos...she just did a rather thorough entry a few minutes ago.

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