Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 48: Austin

How have I fallen behind? Oh...perhaps it was because after we spent the day in Austin with the Carltons, sat in Friday afternoon traffic, set up and played an incredibly emotional show, hung out, conversed...then drove 3.5 hours to Dallas, arriving at 3am with a crying baby.

Yah, perhaps that's why.

But it was so nice the next morning to pass Paxton off to Grandma Berg (my mom) so that we could go back to sleep.

Austin was magical. It was a lovely show at Journey IFC. Grace Pettis opened. During the 15 minute break, about 40% of the folks bolted. I got up to play Begin Again and at the end, my cable shorted, resulting in a ridiculous hum-buzz combination.

We came off stage and just played acoustic. Everyone moved in closer and we ended up in a long conversation about family, hopes, ideals, and the Kingdom of God. It was beautiful. Tiring, for sure, but amazing.

I recalled the Gideon story of God thinning people until it was a small group. Perhaps it was appropriate for so many people to take off before we played. At least I'll think of it that way.

A wonderfully appropriate way to finish off the tour.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed being in Austin. I stayed for your show, but only for a couple songs. I'm glad I did too, though I wish I had stayed the whole time. Really. Your songs are very thought-provoking and motivational. Thank you. You sparked many a conversation, and hopefully will do more to come.