Sunday, November 18, 2007

Days 49-50: Dallas

It has been so nice to be back with family for a couple days. We have caught up on some sleep, on some email, on mail and bills and whatnot.

Pax has enjoyed seeing his grandparents on this side...I'm sure Holly will be posting some photos and reflections on his site soon.

We got to see Laci as well and that was lovely. I am hopeful about the year ahead. I think some clarity is around the bend. And I'm grateful for that.

In other news, I happened upon an issue of Relevant Magazine today...and so I picked it up. I was hoping to be surprised, but I wasn't. It seems just like CCM for the 21st century. I had such high hopes for that magazine from the beginning. And I read over an article about Emergent and I just found it to be immature and unimaginative. That also made me sad.

Tomorrow I take Holly and Paxton to the airport...they'll embark on a 7-hour odyssey via El Paso and Phoenix to San Jose. I'll meet them in the Bay a few days later since I am driving it. I'm looking forward to some reflective time by well as a chance to listen to The Omnivore's Dilemma on my iPod. Oh, and I splurged on iTunes and bought The Swell Season, the new Sigur Ros (as well as the untitled album), the Over The Rhine Christmas record, and a band my sister recommended whose name evades me presently.

Should be nice.


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Which OTR Christmas album? We have both but I really like The Darkest Night of the Year the best. It has such a great feel to it. In fact, that album, in addition to Drunkard's Prayer, is what really turned Nelly on to OTR. Now it seems they are always playing on our iTunes. We saw them live in Kingsport, TN and they were fantastic. Our children loved dancing to with me in the street during the show.

Unknown said...

all great musical choices. safe travels to all of you.

Anonymous said...

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