Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Checking In

A few things...going to the Embarcadero Theatre tonight to see Sigur Ros' new film. It's one of (I believe) 6 screenings throughout the US...for one night only. Pretty exciting.

Playing a show at SoCha tomorrow night...8pm. If you're around, come out...it should be fun...and we'll be playing some new songs.

We're just slammed with work, but the end of the year should have us in a much better place. Holding our breath until about the first week of January.

I feel like there was something else to mention, but I can't remember.


1 comment:

aurora borealis said...

how was it? even though i am seeing it on thursday, i had to ask. oh, and i hope the show goes well. i am glad you guys are playing at a venue so close to the house.