Sunday, December 23, 2007

Three Babies in Three Days

Wow. Three friends/family members have brought a child a day into this world. It all started 3 days ago when I got the email from Glenn announcing the birth of his and Shatrine's first child, Audrey. Beautiful. Glenn and Shatrine have been great friends through the years, Glenn being one of the best business partners ever.

Yesterday I got a text from our former drummer, Stephen Caproni. His wife Teresa just gave birth to their first...a little boy named Tristan. Again, beautiful.

And then last night, Holly's mom called with news about her sister...Jess gave birth to her second boy...Joey. More here soon, I'm sure. Again, beautiful. Soon we'll be meeting him. He apparently doesn't look a thing like Sammy.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Three cheers to the advent season! A light breaking through the darkness. Clarity and grounding for the lost, confused, and tired. This is Kingdom Come.

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