Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dean's Beans

One of the best things about living with another couple/family/person is sharing in their investigatory resources. For example, Dan has turned the household onto Dean's Beans and I'm grateful for it. Their Ring of Fire Blend is mas yummy.

I do still love me some yummy Café Mam and all the other brands we've tried at our co-op. But I do love me some Dean's Beans. I think I'll brew some now and try to wake up.

And who knew? This guy Dean wrote a book that sounds pretty cool.

Might make a great gift for a FAIR TRADE COFFEE enthusiast. (That is not a hint for me, by the way.)

1 comment:

christina said...

hi, this is justin's fiance (better known as your cousin nathan's old friend's fiance).

just wanted to say thanks for posting this book on your blog--i am a bit of a fair trade enthusiast and would love to check it out.

also, justin and i really enjoy yours and holly's music. and we enjoy checking yours and paxton's blog. it makes me look forward very much to being a mom.
anyway, just wanted to stop being a stranger since i look at your blog every so often. hope life in san fran is wonderful.