Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tragedy & Relief

First, tragedy. Did you hear about the tiger who got out of his cage at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas Day? Killed 1 guy and badly wounded 2 others. Oh, it makes me sick to my stomach, being that we go there about once a month with Pax. I am still a bit in shock, honestly.

Second, relief. We just booked a flight, hotel, and rental car for Kauai in May. We have wanted to get back there ever since we went for our honeymoon. We'll be there 5 days / 4 nights...and I can hardly wait. This vacation is long overdue.

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Unknown said...

i saw that on cnn a few days ago and i totally thought of how you guys were just there! was so thankful you all were ok... the news continues to shock me....