Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On The Road Again

We left today to drive to the Northwest to play 4 shows and see friends. We decided to rent a minivan since Jared's pickup was still being worked on. I felt really good about this and a friend helped to off the cost a bit. That was nice.

The minivan was great to drive, and as I thought about it, we were saving on gas by having one car instead of two, not to mention, a lower ecological footprint, and perhaps a greater sense of community on the road, since we'll all be in one car.

Picked up the rental at SFO and brought it home to load it. Perfect size for a TCS tour...everything fit...without much extra space.

Jared and I drove last night up to Eugeue, Oregon. Holly and Pax will fly to meet us today in Portland. That way, the kiddo didn't have to endure a 10-hour+ drive. And while I understand that whatever positive ecological karma we might have picked up by driving one car (instead of two), we lost with the flight. So is life.

Last night, we stopped in southern Oregon (Grants Pass) at a winery. They grew Zin grapes (which is why we stopped there and actually paid $5/tasting). I wanted to try an Oregonian Zinfandel...and you know, it wasn't bad. A tad overpriced, but the mesoclimate of that region is not what I thought it'd be. They have hot summers and cool evenings. Who knew? They woman pouring my wine felt that this area would be the next Napa. We'll see about that one.

Jared and I then pushed on into Eugene around 8pm, grabbed dinner with Jeff Wetherell at McMinamans BrewPub on 19th. That was fun. Tomorrow we head up to Portland to see friends and play a show where we're helping promote awareness around alleviating Haiti's debt. Should be a good night.

In case, you are a Pac NW-er, and didn't know, we're coming your way! So, check it...

2/28/08 7pm Enterbeing (Sponsored by Wilderness Way and Jubilee OR) - Portland, OR
2/29/08 7pm Mars Hill Graduate School with Adam Klein - Seattle, WA
3/1/08 8pm The Purple Door with Mark Scandrette and Adam Klein - Seattle, WA
3/2/08 6pm Zoe Livable Church (@ Urban Grace) with Mark Scandrette, Tacoma, WA

Maps @

Can you dig?


Jesse said...

ahh, but think about this: the flight was already happening, even without Pax and Holly. And, your minivan ride was also already happening, non-dependent on Pax and Holly. So, they are free agents.

You can also think that what Pax and Holly did was reduce the average ecological footprint of the passengers on the flight, by adding two more to the divisor of the equation.

All that to say, don't feel too guilty =D


Anonymous said...

I don't understand that rationalization or that math? Free agents? The flight was already happening? That's because everyone points to someone else to step up and say "thanks but no thanks". No fault divorce and now no fault travel?

kevlar_soul said...

hey Ryan - this is Ken Nussbaum (Jasen's friend from NC). I'm in Seattle, and i'm actually the bar manager of a place in Pike Place Market called Steelhead Diner. I'm there all day tomorrow (Friday) so you should stop by. It's about 8 or 9 blocks from MHGS, i think.
anyway, hope to see you, but if not, have a great show!