Friday, February 22, 2008

A Week in Review

It's Friday. Wow. Who knew? That means tomorrow morning is the Farmer's Market, followed by a day of activities and all. That means we take off on tour next Wednesday. Eek! Who knew?

We recorded an album this week. And we are done with it. Today I'll drop off files to Charlie Wilson so that he can mix and master and generally make sense of these near-live recordings that we did in our house.

It was a wonderful, challenging, artful process. We recorded it and now it's off to be put together. Also, Travis and Daley and Holly documented the whole thing on video and film. We'll be sharing some of that shortly.

Just today Pax's nose started running like mad. It turned into a snot-face later in the day. Just a few moments ago, he puked twice on our bed. Poor kiddo. He just went to bed...about 1 hour early. Oh geez. I hope he feels better. Luckily he drank a good deal of juice and water.

I'll soon take Daley to the airport and drop the files off to Charlie. Wow. The week is almost behind us. Magic.

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