Tuesday, February 19, 2008


As I said, Travis from Work of the People is with us this week, filming the experience. I'm pretty sure he captured more than one f*** on tape today. Oops. Well, it's real.


Kirsty said...

Sweet:) I look forward to hearing the new songs! Hopefully will see you guys when I get back to the US. I came back to Ireland for 3 weeks after the Asia trip, going back to SF Friday.

Hope you're all well, give my love to Holly and Pax:)


soupablog said...

Hey bro! I got my advance copies today! THEY LOOK GREAT!

Thanks for designing your heart out.

Anonymous said...

eagerly awaiting the new stuff :)

i fly back into ca on april 22... i think the night you all are playing at jenn & damien's... hopefully i'll be able to make it!